Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Five things I hate

1- My check book it's- never right with the bank
2- Fixing dinner- I don't mind cooking just trying to decide what to cook is the pain
3-People that say one thing and do another
4-Cold weather And hot weather I want it 75 degree at all time
5- I hate dusting stuff in the house
Five thing I love
1- Reid ,My kids ,and Grandkids
2-Chocolate see I put my famiy first (over chocolate)
3 Our dag Sadie
4- All my other family (Brothers Sisters inlaw and even outlaws) & all my Friends, the ones I have now and those I will meet later
5- A good book any book is good

Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi well as you can see Cammie has me all hooked on this blog thing. Not sure how it all works but Cammie is a great teacher. So here we are Reid & Lynn and of course Lady Sadie the boss of the house