Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year

This is the last day of the year
they call it new years eve
look back at all the memories
this year you’re going to leave

Some you will cherish always
and keep for all it’s worth
because someone close to you
has been gifted with a birth

Some others you wish to forget
but know you never will
for someone close passed over
and some were never ill

Some will be very pleasant
and close to your heart
sit down and list the good things
back to January make a start

So when you feel unhappy
in the new upcoming year
sit down and read your memories
and smile from ear to ear

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reid Legacy

When Reid pass away in May of this year after a few month I decide I need to start
Cleaning up his room I ask my self what was I to do with all this junk
All his tools . I thought to my self is this all that is left of Reid is his wood working tool and left over wood
And the thing he love to make. what does one do with thing, Is that really all that is left of a person after he leave this world .
Then in a school parking on a cold December night after watching a school play that Cheyenne was in .I Cammie & Jared ,Brian & Kollette and the kids was stand around talking a Brian brought me this little Christmas Tree that he had made to put on his Dad’s headstone ,That when I discovered Reid’s Legacy It was his love to created thing as Brian does as Cammie does with her card as Any does.
His talent in created thing is what he past down to he’s Children . This is Reid’s legacy that well be past down from generation to generation. As each of us hold are touch some thing Reid made renumber it was done with love.
Renumber as Christmas time come It’s not the gift we give are how much we spent
On those gift that our children will renumber .it’s the time they are doing something and they will stop and think my( Mom are Dad ) did this, This is our Legacy to our children to are grandchildren .